I. Roemercohorte Opladen e.V.

Offers for media

Because it is the goal of our society to bring ancient culture back to life and to make it vivid and a great experience for as many spectators as possible, the members of the I. ROEMERCOHORTE OPLADEN e.V. are always ready to participate in the making of documentaries, photo-shoots for scientific magazines and popular scientific articles. Like all our activities for museums, shoots can be done both outdoor and inside a studio. Almost all of our unique reconstructed equipment is available for this. The focus of presentation may lie solely on pictures of these objects, or on scenic pictures, in which our members re-enact Roman history. In this case, it is always a great pleasure for us to work together with professional actors.

Furthermore producers of documentaries may ask for our advice if they need consulting in historical facts or methods of reconstruction. Photos in our archives can be made available for scientific publications or schoolbooks. Renting props without our participation or consultance in a project is not possible.

Our references

Pictures of the I. ROEMERCOHORTE OPLADEN e.V. were used in scientific publications in recent years and were presented to a wide public by numerous authors, photographers and camera crews from nearly all over the world:

  • ARD
  • ZDF
  • ARTE
  • ProSieben
  • Discovery Channel
  • National Geographic
  • GEO & GEOlino

In some cases the shoots toke place at historical locations like Kalkriese or the Roman fortess Saalburg. In other cases reconstructed buildings where used, i.e. in the archaeological park of Xanten or the sanctuary of Kybele at Mainz.

Zeichnung eines römischen Legionärs aus dem Logo der I. Roemercohorte Opladen e.V.