I. Roemercohorte Opladen e.V.

A weekend at the Xanten Archaeological Park

Last weekend in August, we pitched our tents in the Xanten Archaeological Park again, just like last summer. Our complete military camp and a small civilian area right in front of the entrance to the Roman Museum offered an invitation to take a journey into Roman antiquity. On the parade ground, the training of soldiers and various battle formations were on the daily programme, each followed by an extensive demonstration of Roman long-range weapons. We were again actively supported by the Celtic group Sucellos, who provided our auxiliary troops. For the first time, our civilian area offered a particularly varied insight into Roman religion, divination and magic - perhaps this is why the rather rainy Saturday was followed by a sunny Sunday.


Zeichnung eines römischen Legionärs aus dem Logo der I. Roemercohorte Opladen e.V.