I. Roemercohorte Opladen e.V.

Line up for the world heritage

Last year, the Lower Germanic Limes was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which is duly celebrated at many Roman sites along the former border. For this very occasion, we were guests in Monheim am Rhein on 11/12 June. This time we did not set up our camp at the Roman fort Haus Bürgel, as usual, but at the town festival in the town centre. In bright sunshine, interested visitors were able to learn about the field forge, wool processing, land surveying and much more, as well as look at our field signs and artillery. Those who still have questions will probably get them answered in September, when we will be guests again at Haus Bürgel.


Zeichnung eines römischen Legionärs aus dem Logo der I. Roemercohorte Opladen e.V.