- Places and Locations -

Roma Antiqua - Information about ancient Rome, what is left of it and how to get there.

History of Novaesium (Neuss)

Castrum Novaesium - The legions fortress at Neuss (43 to 103 AD)

Der Taunus-Wetterau-Limes

Kalkriese - Die Örtlichkeit der Varusschlacht - Students project at the Universität Osnabrück.

Römisches Stadtmuseum Rottenburg: SUMELOCENNA

- School and Hobby projects -

Die Römer Online - Miscellaneous topics of the roman history

Imperium Romanum - Role-Play-Game, Mircronation and simulated history

Alles über die Antike - Articles by pupils of the Viktoria-Luise-Gymnasiums Hameln

Die Geschichtsseiten am LSG (Städtisches Louise-Schroeder-Gymnasium München)

Römische Münzen - Pupils inform about coins from the time of Constantin.