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15.10.2016 from Thom Kraanen:
It was really fun to row with you guys today, I hope you took some nice pictures, I look forward to seeing them! Greetings, Thom!
14.09.2014 from Nina Rath:
16.08.2014 from Marcus concerning "salve abusina 2014":
08.09.2007 from Krutzlinger ( concerning "Mittelalterliche Darstellung":
06.09.2007 from Kurt Graeben ( concerning "römische Münzprägung":
09.08.2007 from Susan Maris concerning "permission":
I am building a website about Roman Britain, that I hope will be of interest to school children. I have just found your site and would like to add your url to my list of links. Will you allow this? I am working hard to make it a good site.
26.07.2007 from Max ( concerning "Marschgepäck":
25.06.2007 from max concerning "Grabwerkzeuge":
22.06.2007 from Norbert Staub concerning "Römerfest Xanten 2007":
03.06.2007 from Stephan Dinges ( concerning "Römische Nacht in Mainz":
31.05.2007 from Tiger concerning "Römer":
diese seite ist echt super ich habe sch on sehr viele Informationen gefunden ich vermisse andere Downloads
28.05.2007 from Nacnud ( concerning "Lob":
05.05.2007 from Duncan ( concerning "Neues Design":
01.05.2007 from VINDELICVS concerning "neue Homepage":
29.04.2007 from M.M. concerning "Schule":
15.04.2007 from m.g:
14.04.2007 from FLUMMI UND KINDERGEBURTSTAG-SHOP ( concerning "lob für eure seite":
13.04.2007 from ExLabordiner ( concerning "A question about this site":
Please, give me contact address (email or msn) of this site administrator...
12.04.2007 from Rachok concerning "Einladung zum internationalen RITTERFEST in der UKRAINE":
15.03.2007 from Martin concerning "Hallo":
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